Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Blanks

I admit it - I'm slack. I haven't posted in a bit, and that's because I haven't been making any knives recently. A lot of other things have been happening (ala Christmas) but I'm back in the swing and I'll be putting up more posts shortly.
I made a few new blanks last week and have picked out the one I'll be working on first. I usually work on a few things at once but for the moment I'll be focusing on making a utility knife. I'll do my utmost to show step-by-step the process I use for making knives with this one as the example.
Thanks for reading. And thanks for your patience.

The four blanks: Two utilities, and two hunters/skinners. I'm going to grind one of the utilities further so it can have a half-tang handle.

The full tang utility after a quick shape on the grinder. More "in progress" pics to follow in a later post.