Sunday, July 19, 2009

A New Knife

This was one of the timber swap knives I made; for a fella who was kind enough when sending me some beautiful sheoak to include a hand turned pen and awl.
The knife is made from a Nicholson file and I've finished it with a vinegar patina (an experiment that worked out quite nicely). The handle is made from corian, black and white spacer material and kingwood, with a Danish oil and wax finish.

The knife's new owner and I agreed that a sheath was in order and I decided to make up a firesteel while I was at it.


Panday said...


Just out of curiosity, what does a knife like that cost, sheath included?

You can email me the answer if you don't want to state it here.


BlackRabbit said...

Hi Panday,

I made that knife for a fella who swapped me some very nice timber for handles and a hand turned awl and pen.

As I'm still learning/teaching myself knifemaking and leatherwork it's rare for me to accept payment for anything other than materials.

That said - if you were after a knife and sheath similar to this one (with the firesteel) I could do it for AUD $140 + freight.

That may seem cheap (?) to some but I'm not yet producing anything that I'd be willing to put on a table at a show.