Monday, August 3, 2009

Necker Firesteel

This is the second time I've done a Firesteel/Pouch combination and I'm pretty happy with the results. I hadn't thought about making one of these for a while after I made the first one for my father; it just started out as a bit of an experiment (the sheath, not the firesteel), but I recently received an email from a gent asking that I make one and send it off to france. Here are the pics:

For those not familiar with the uses of a firesteel, it's basically a ferrocerium rod (in this case, with a Blister Ooline handle, and red paracord lanyard) which can be scraped with a squared off or sharp piece of carbon steel (square back of a knife or the blade if you don't mind potentially ruining your cutlery).
Think of a flint and stone but somewhat modernized and instead of getting one little spark, there's a shower of them.

Wikipedia explanation of ferrocerium

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Perkunas said...

Hey,thats a nice looking one.

i did one bit like that,but didnt fabricate any handle to the rod, i just drilled a lanyard hole into other end,and put the lanyard in a way that the sheath kind of slips over it,and still its attached to the firesteel all the time,so the sheath is just a sliding cover on the lanyard.Of course,you heve to get the whole thing from your neck when making fire but its also very secure as the firesteel is permanantly attached to lanyard always.Just my solution:),it dont lok so good due to missing handle though.

BlackRabbit said...

Thanks for the comment.
I considered attaching the lanyard to the other end of the sheath but preferred the look of the firesteel being upside down. I wetformed the sheath around the firesteel so the friction fit is pretty good.

Filimon said...

I am a bit curious about your fire steel, can you strike it with the back of a knife?

My Light my Fire fire steel can't be struck with the knife, i have to use the striker that came with the steel.

BlackRabbit said...

If the back of your knife has a square edge the it should strike, but if there's any rounding at all then you won't have any luck. It also depends on the type of steel your knife is made out of and if it's been coated.
The striker that came with your fire steel is ideal because it's thin so it has a sharp edge and is likely serrated so it will bite into the ferrocerium rod to create a larger spark than a flat piece of steel.