Monday, November 3, 2008

Handle gluing rig

After the last knife I decided I needed something to hold the handle against the knife while the glue was setting - so I headed down to Bunnings, picked up length of threaded rod and cut it in half with the hacksaw when I got it back to the garage.
I drilled a few holes in a large piece of oregon I had sitting around and bolted the rods in place.
Then I attacked a few pieces of pine with a chisel and positioned these on the rods with nuts and washers and voilĂ  - now I don't have to cover handles in elastic bands to get them to stay still while the epoxy cures.
I tested this out with my first half tang knife. It pushed the guard and handle together nice and tight - almost too tight in fact - it took ages to the epoxy to cure.
I'm thinking I'll be using this again in the future though.

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