Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bushknife Sheath

It took a long time to work out how I was going to make a sheath for this knife. The blade is such a strange shape to begin with and every time I started drawing up a sketch of what I thought would be able to hold the knife I ended up with something that looked like an oblong gone horribly wrong.
But then decided to cut out the nasty oblong shape and then round off all of the corners slightly, and glue it before doing anything else - then inserted the knife and wet formed the leather.
After the wet form it started to make a bit more sense and I'm now confident that I went the right way.
The belt loop is a bit odd as I originally intended to have the loop drop behind the sheath but then realized after cutting the leather that this would leave the handle dangling loosely out the top of the sheath. Being one inclined to not start again from scratch I incorporated a larger piece of leather, cut a few holes in it and fed the original, unstitched loop through it. Pretty happy with the results.

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